Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My west coast the east coast setting:

So I noticed some crosswalks don't have buttons to press...

I started to think maybe...its to stop spreading germs

And that maybe...just maybe they made these...PEDESTRIAN CENSORS!

Until my friend pointed out..."Those are for blind people"

Yeah...I was doing this for a month


  1. haha, you should keep doing that anyhow! weirdness is what makes NYC great! :P

  2. get a hair cut woman!
    it's good. i can totally imagine you thinking that, hahaha. cause i would just assume universe will work its magic instead of me working...hahaha

  3. @ Davin: Hahaah right!? I can totally blend in with the rest of NYC now hahahaha!

    @ Te: I totally know I gotta cut it! But now that I think about it...if I do..I can't hold it up with chopsticks or paintbrushes anymore!...that was totally on my list to do..."Grow out hair so long I can tie it up with CHOPSTICKS!...or any stick"